JenAqua School

Princeton, Edison, Somerset Area & Lawrenceville

Group Levels


Youth Program: Ages 5-18

Minnows (Level 1)

Prerequisite: Unafraid of water

- Learn breathing pattern

- Learn kicking skills for backstroke and freestyle

- Acquire deep water skills

Flying Fish (Level 2)

Prerequisite: Able to swim 25 yards without stopping

- Reinforce kicking skills

- Develop skills in freestyle and backstroke

- Introduction to butterfly and breaststroke kicking skills

Barracuda (Level 3)

Prerequisite: Able to swim 25 yards in freestyle and backstroke

- Develop proficient in freestyle and backstroke

- Acquire skills in butterfly and breaststroke 

- Introduction to diving

- Preparation for joining swim teams

Sharks (Level 4)

For club swimmers or high school team swimmers

- Improve competition skill

- Stroke improvements for all 4 strokes

- Swim sets to improve body conditioning

Adult Program: Ages 18+

*At least 3 students to form 1 class*

Entry Level

Comfort Zone Level

Adult Water Aerobic Fitness

Refund Information

Cancellation of Classes

* 90% refund after 1st class BUT before 2nd class starts.

* 70% refund after 2nd class BUT before 3rd class starts.

* NO refunds will be given after that.

Illness or Injury
* Refunds will be issued for illness or injury when it results in the loss of three or more consecutive class days AND is supported by a doctor's note. An illness related refund request must be made within 30 days of the class ending date. Refunds will be pro-rated based on the number of missed classes. A maximum refund of 80% of the class fee paid will be issued processed for illness and injury related absences when it meets the above criteria.

*Private & Semi-private lessons are available upon request!*